A Guest Shares Her Struggle With Infertility | The Autumn Miles Show

On this episode of The Autumn Miles Show, we have on our guest Lisa Homesley talks through her struggle with infertility for almost 14 years. Through the ups and downs of medical complications and life she shares all that God has taught her about His goodness and faithfulness through trial. 

Autumn Talks to Kim Gravel from Kim of Queens | The Autumn Miles Show

Join us today as Autumn gets the chance to talk to Kim from the show “Kim of Queens” as she shares her story about being the youngest Miss Georgia at the age of 19 and how God has used her to speak out against fear of what God wants to do with their life. “God […]

Real Talk Kim Joins Us! | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles show we welcome our very special guest Real Talk Kim! 

God is for You! | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles Show, Autumn shares encouragement directly from God for you today! 

Frustrated Because You Can’t Accomplish Your Dream? | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles Show we talk dreams! Do you have dreams but are frustrated because you can’t seem to accomplish them? You don’t want to miss this episode! 

For Those Who Feel They Have Been Passed Over | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on the Autumn Miles Show we talk to those who feel as if they have been passed over or rejected.

Executive Producer of Real Housewives Joins Us | The Autumn Miles Show

Today on The Autumn Show we have a very special guest, Ashley McFarlin Buie, an executive producer of Real Housewives joins us on the show, and shares her amazing testimony! 

Former Drug Abuser Shares Riveting Testimony | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles Show Autumn Miles and guest co-host Rick Walker have guest Jessica Youngblood on the show. She shares her transformation of being addicted to drugs to now being a pastor! 

NFL Wife In Abusive Marriage Shares Tesitmony | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles Show Dorothy Newtown joins us! She was married to former Dallas Cowboys player and was in an abusive marriage! Listen to her impactful testimony!